Flashforge Inventor II- Flashforge Finder Second Generation

Flashforge Inventor II- Flashforge Finder Second Generation

  • $899.99

Flashforge Inventor II- Flashforge Finder Second Generation 


 Safe, Easy to use and Cost-effective 3D Printer.

InventorII wifi

2nd generation wireless connection. More stable.
Inventor II features the 2nd generation Wi-Fi connection with more stable wireless file transmission. And now
you can send 30 files from your computer to Inventor II memory with your own Wi-Fi network under AP or
STA modes. USB stick is another stable way to transfer files. No USB cable, no interruption even when your computer runs into standby.



Intelligent Door 

The Intelligent Sensor makes the machine even safer for kids the printing automatically pauses when you open the door and resumes when the door is closed. 






Slide in Build PlateSlide-in build plate.
Easier 3D prints removal.
Slide-in build plate allows you to draw it out of
the printer and then remove the finished 30 prints
more easily. At the same time, it can minimize damages
or offsets to the build plate.


Operation is easy just like your smart phone.
Inventor II is integrated a 3.5-inch HD IPS touchscreen display for full-color, on-board intuitive navigation. Only 4
taps to start your print, no need to hook it up to your computer! See previews of model files and you know that is
what you want to print. Real-time view printing status and you know when it will be finished. Built-in multiple
languages compatibility including English, German, French, Dutch, Polski, Korean and Japanese is added for its ease
of use.

low noiseClean. Quiet. Contained.
Inventor II is designed for kids and novices. We hope you can have a blast
with this safe 30 printer making practical things to wild imaginative
creations. We conceal all the cables within the plastic alloy body.
The frame is sleek, without any sharp edge. The hot nozzle
is protected from touch, and the build plate is a piece
of glass with no heat on it. We keep the noise level
as low as 50 dB. All of these thoughtful details
make Inventor II a safe 30 printer to play with.


Only PLA filament.
Green and non-toxic.
PLA filament for Inventor II are a non-toxic,
biodegradable plastic that is recyclable and safe
for the environment! No harms to your body!

Smart Support

Smart supports.
More possibilities.
Support generation doesn't get any easier than this.
Flash Print automatically generates supports based on
model's overhang angles. At same time, you can add
more necessary supports to output better prints, or
remove unnecessary ones to save materials. Dendriform
(treelike) supports allow you to print much more complex
models, snapping off supports easily without damaging
your objects.

Cut and Split

Cut and split  

2D into 3D. Make 3D models from images.

2d to 3d image